MINI Approved Bodyshop

The Smart Repair System is the range of advanced techniques used to repair minor damage quickly and cost effectively,

avoiding the expense of traditional repair methods and replacement parts. Using state-of-the-art technology, Frank Keane can

provide high quality repairs for a whole range of problems,  including small dents in body panels, stone chips to paintwork and

windscreens and scratches to alloy wheels. Any minor damage to your vehicle is upsetting – but at least it can be fixed quickly

with a MINI service, to high quality standards at low cost. All this without affecting your insurance premium.


Chip and Scuff Repairs

Damage to paintwork not only spoils the good looks of your vehicle, it will also affect its value.

With the SMART System, scuffs and scratches caused in day-to-day driving can be effectively painted away without the need for replacing and painting complete body panels, saving significantly on cost. Even small to medium sized damaged areas can be rectified, using advanced paints and application techniques.


Interior Trim Repair

Any damage to the interior trim can spoil your driving pleasure. Typical problems include cigarette burns and general wear and tear to trim panels. With the SMART System’s advanced materials and techniques, damaged areas can be reconstructed so that the repair is virtually undetectable, even when parts are missing.


Windscreen Repairs 

Windscreen damage caused by stone chips or debris usually worsen over time and is of course a major safety hazard because of impaired visibility.

Before the introduction of SMART repairs, windscreen damage usually required complete replacement. Whilst its not always possible to repair windscreens, minor damage can often be eliminated quickly, cost-effectively and permanently.


Interior Leather Repair

Leather upholstery makes a unique contribution to the quality and luxury of a vehicle’s interior, so any scuffs or tears incurred over time are all the more annoying. No problem – the SMART System can soon restore your leather trim to its original elegance.


Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) involves the use of special tools and rods to ‘massage’ dents out of body panels to restore them to their original condition, without having to paint the panels. PDR is suitable for all small dents where the paint surface has not been broken. It can be used to put right all those minor accidents that can happen at any time – such as damage caused by car doors, shopping trolleys and even hail stones.


Exterior Plastic Repair

Plastic areas such as bumpers, door mirrors and spoilers can be easily damaged. In addition to looking unsightly, this can also prove expensive to repair or replace, especially with colour co-ordinated trim. With the SMART System, plastic parts can be quickly restored to their original condition; even textured finishes can be re-created.


Velour Upholstery Repair

The most hard wearing velour upholstery can get snagged, torn or burned by cigarette ash. SMART repair techniques can restore the damage, providing a near invisible repair that will restore the look of your vehicles interior.


Wheel Repair & Refurbishment

From time to time the wheels of your vehicles can become scuffed or kerb damaged. Our specialist technicians can offer a complete system for the refurbishment of alloy wheels, removing scratches, corrosion and gouges restoring them to their original finish.


Prices listed below, all prices include VAT *

Standard Alloy Wheels €110.00
Polished Wheels €200.00
Scratches and Scuffs from €100.00
Headlight Focus €30.00
  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishment from €75
  • Bumper Corner from €198
  • Bumper Complete from €299
  • Dent Removal from €120

Shortfall Insurance - €399 

Paint & Upholstery Protection - €399


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