MINI TeleServices. Stay Connected.

MINI Teleservices enables connectivity between MINI and the car itself. This intelligent technology triggers an alert if the battery is low, if maintenance is required or if a service appointment is coming up.

The benefits of signing up for Teleservice include:

MINI Automatic Teleservice Call

As soon as a service is needed, your MINI’s service related data will be sent to your MINI Centre via Automatic Teleservice Call. Your MINI service partner are then able to retrieve this data, analyse it and contact you to arrange a service or maintenance appointment.

MINI Teleservice Battery Guard 

MINI Teleservices Battery Guard keeps an eye on the car's battery around the clock, and triggers an alert should it fall too low. 

To regitser for MINI Teleservices and assign Frank Keane MINI as your preferred service partner, simply complete the form below and we'll do the rest.

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